Our business

In our business, we make pedal steel guitars with the Push/Pull system, that is based on the changer developed by Mr. Ron Lashly senior and the kinematics he applied to the P-P changer. The Promat-PSG is a line of custom built instruments, built upon order only for a known customer.

We don’t build in series, nor for stock. We consider the demands of our customer, thus each instrument is unique to some extent to comply to high demands and to our capabilities. Our instruments are built from both traditional and top notch materials such as selected and naturally aged maple wood 30 years old, high quality durable steel and stainless steel, aircraft grade aluminum alloy, etc. We put much emphasis on the technology and craftsmanship, so our instruments are long lasting, durable, neat looking, and they have a no match tone and sustain that fulfills the highest demands of professional musicians, as they stated many times, worldwide. 

We make two lines of Promat-PSG: 



The Standard series features both the above stated qualities and additionally high quality decoration items. The cabinet is coated with mika glass, all the parts and surfaces are high gloss polished. Understandably as much more effort is built into the appearance of these, their value is reasonably higher. 

Standard-Economy series is built by the same technology and materials used, but without that much decoration and final touch, less polishing, more paint used. Having this in mind, the price is lower 25%-30%. 

Our PSG come with aluminum or wooden neck, as the customer desires, and we recommend KLUSON tuning machines as they give better tone and sustain than those from other manufacturers. For both lines we recommend True tone or Bill Lawrence pick ups, 17-18kOhms. 

Both lines of the Promat-PSG are delivered in a durable guitar case that provides standard protection for the instrument in transport.

 "This guitar is better than anything I’ve seen yet for tone. Everything else about this steel is incredible also. The weight, craftsmanship, fit and finish etc., “old world craftsmanship” was the phrase I liked. Yes, I’ll take aged maple over anything I’ve ever seen yet. Or heard yet!”

Bobbe Seymour, Nashville.TN.

11th of June, 2004
 "...Dusan is already a legend, he will live forever in the minds that love great steel guitars the way the immortal Paul Bigsby, Shot and the Jackson Brothers, Bruce Zumsteg, Zane Beck, Ron Lashley and several others have. Plus the fact that he is a wonderful person."