About Us

We, the Pedal Steel makers are a small but qualified team with an university degree in machine engineering and technology. Besides we have decades spent in constructing mechanical systems in our leading metal processing works. Since 1948, some of us were engaged in playing instruments in semi professional orchestras, and became enthusiasts in country, western swing, jazz and Hawaii music. we have always thrived to perform good sounding tone and music.

We consider ourselves the followers of the great pedal steel legends, for decades in this region of the world. Our exemplars were the most famous PSG players from around the world, and especially from the USA. And we have heirs in the younger generation too.

To conclude, we have all the means and abilities to construct PSG-PP of the highest quality in all aspects:

  • Quality in education,
  • Experience throughout the professional career
  • Musical experience
  • Materials and machinery
  • Development in construction and technology

Those are the things we are proud of and that gives us the basis for our work.

Promat PSG in its case

Promat D-10 8 + 6, wooden neck

Promat D-10  8 + 4, aluminium neck

Promat SD-10  3 + 4

 Above Bobbe said " I can't say enough good about them. "
I saw the video Damir shot of Bobbe playing it for the 1st time.
And he speaks the truth. the most telling thing besides the hearing the sound in his hands was : Watching him search for another word to top the last ones...
and he had RUN OUT of superlatives. I almost can't imagine Bobbe speechless.
But this was close. I had just finished playing the guitar at Damir’s place and I understood. A serious sound.
Allan T. You are gonna LOVE this steel dude!!

David L. Donald

David L. Donald