Services & Price

Range of PROMAT-PSG to choose from, custom built:

Standard Professional series

S-10, 3 + 4

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S-12, 3 + 4 E9th, Extended


SD-10, 3 + 4

D-10, 8 + 4

Standard Professional Economy series

SE-10, 3 + 4 - Narrow***

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SE-10, 3 + 4


SE-12, 3 + 4 E9th, Extended


DE-10, 8 + 4 


*** Note regarding PROMAT, SE-10 - Narrow

I would like to point out our PSG, SE-10, narrow, where we have achieved the quality of the tone and sustain well recognised on our Promat PSG's built for the highest demands. Besides this, this PSG is lighter 15% then the PROMAT, PSG, S-10. The SE -10 was tested by the leading PSG player Mr. Mirko Tomic, just as he did with all the previous PSG's we have built. 

Please hear it for yourself on the following

YouTube links:

Ted Tonjes plays Promat SD-10

Damir Besic plays Promat D-10


Extra floor pedals   180.00 EUR
Extra knee lever   150.00 EUR
Wooden neck (each)  50.00 EUR
Volume pedal with pot.   150.00 EUR

The price given refers to all our products coated with Mika glass. We have several colors of Mika glass to chose from, or the combination of these: 

Black shiny, Mahogany, Maple and Rio Rosewood. 

The price of the product may increase if additional work is needed upon request, regarding a special setup, where complex work is needed. The price includes the guitar case, without volume pedal and cables. 

The time necessary to accomplish an order is 5-9 months, once the agreement in written form is settled, and the deposit is received. The expenses of the transport, customs, parcel insurance are an extra, and has to be covered by the customer.

Spare parts

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 David L. Donald:

"I also had the pleasure of playing this instrument, 
and it is very precice and has 'That Sound" big time.It also has a consistent sound right up the neck.It is a sound that would cut through the muddiest stage sound, and be clear out front. I have never owned a PP... so far, but this is one I would want."

"Hello Dusan my friend, The guitar you built for me is now my number one guitar, there is no contest it is the best sounding steel I have ever played.
... Thank you once again my friend for building me such a great guitar.

Your Scottish buddy,

Allan Thompson"

"Damir.. WOW.. I see you all the time posting about your "mediocre" playing and other such nonsense!.. You play and sound REAL GOOD!!! The Promat sounds GREAT and sustains like a champ! My ears tell me everything you and Bobbe say about those guitars is TRUE!! I really liked everything you did.. you played exactly what was needed for the tunes.. GREAT stuff!!. I would hold my head up high my friend!!

Enjoy your NEW Promat when it gets here, and play it in good health !"
Bobby Carlucci

"What a great service on Promat guitars! 

I had a little problem with a special tuning screw of myPromat SD10, and I asked Mr. Dusan Papic who is the manufacturer of Promat steel guitars to send me a new screw, and he promised me a complete set of screws and springs for free, knowing that I bought the guitar second hand from Allan Thompson in Scotland. 
Now that is what I call a great Service and a fantastic after sales!"
Jan Mulder